Break Ups Dont Seek Revenge With Crabs

Break Ups Dont Seek Revenge With Crabs Image
A friend posted a link on Facebook the other day about a service that enables you get revenge on your ex by giving them crabs. "They ship them in a vial!"

I can't tell you how horrible of an idea that is, aside from the potential legal reasons, holding on to grudges hurts you the most in the long run.

One of the most common questions by men who are entering the seduction community is: How do I get my ex back?"

Well, I'm here to say, that you shouldn't try to get your ex back. You should do everything in your power to move on. This could mean, deleting her number, Facebook friendship (or atleast her from your newsfeed), and creating more distance between you two.

The only thing that allows you to get over an ex-girlfriend is time apart and finding new women.

Anything else is not going to help as quickly. Having time apart and no communication with her will help you emotionally separate and build your self-confidence back. With new women in your life, you quickly remember why you broke up in the first place, and you'll have more fun doing it.

Remember, men who are successful with women don't let one woman stand in their way of enjoying life - "and you shouldn't either".

If you're ever in doubt and feel like unleashing crabs on your ex, remember the old joke, I believe from Rodney Dangerfield who, when told by his ex that he'll never find a woman like her again, said: Hopefully not, that's why I'm breaking up with you!"

And also as the old saying goes, "If you thought this current girlfriend was amazing, just wait till you find the next one."

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