Earl Nightingale - The Strangest Secret (879.0 Kb)

Earl Nightingale - The Strangest Secret Cover The inspiration for the message itself pulled Nightingale out of a deep sleep in the early hours of the morning. He immediately woke up, went to his desk, and typed it out, then recorded it that very day. When it was played for his staff, they were astounded by what they heard. Word of the remarkable message quickly spread, and soon the office was flooded with requests for a copy. It seemed that everyone who heard it was amazed by its simplicity and power, and wanted to pass it along to someone else.

What does it take to prosper in an ever changing world? Earl Nightingale provides these answers in this updated program of his time-honored, success building discoveries. Through Earl's collected wisdom, you'll learn about two categories of successful people and how to determine the category in which you belong.

Some of the things you will learn in this powerful audio seminar are:

* Why you are where you think you ought to be

* Six words that can change your life, why hunches pay off

* How to know what you do best

* Why work and well-being are one and the same

* And much more.

Buy Earl Nightingale - The Strangest Secret ($5.94)


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