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Women who own more than 3 cats are not doomed to spend their lives alone if MYCATSPACE.COM has anything to say about it. The new online dating site for cat lovers hopes that a common interest in cats will help break the ice for singles looking for love online.

DATEMYPET.COM founder ROBERT YAU recently started MYCATSPACE.COM and thinks that, while loving cats will not a perfect couple make, the common ground helps to break the ice.

But MYCATSPACE.COM is not the only online dating site for pet lovers, here are a few others dating sites or social networking sites that pet owners might enjoy:

* THERIGHTBREED.COM allows pet owners to instant message, chat, and even stream video from webcams. The service is free for 2 months and costs about $15 per month after that.
* PETPASSIONS.COM is a free online dating and social networking site that is divided up so that cat lovers can stick with their own kind.
* MUSTLOVEPETS.COM allows visitors to meet cat lovers in their vicinity and abroad for free, if they only want the basic membership. To contact other members, however, there is a one-time fee of $44.95.
* DATEMYPET.COM, as aforementioned, asks members to fill out 2 profiles, one for them, and one for their pet. Basic membership is free, or you can pay $15 a month to initiate contact with other members.

So the cat ladies all over the world have nothing to fear; now the internet can help you find a man who will love you, and won't secretly kick your cat when you're not around.

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