Valentine Day On A Budget

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For a romantic Valentine's Day dinner on a budget, run, don't walk, to your nearest Target. This month's Dollar Spot section features an entire collection of Valentine's Day goodies to add romance to your day.

Here's a sampling of what they have available:

* Heart shaped ice cube trays
* Heart shaped cake pan
* Dinner plates with red and pink hearts on the rim
* Dessert plates with red and pink hearts on the rim
* Silverware with hearts on the handles
* Heart shaped candle holders
* Heart shaped lollipop molds
* Photo frames
* Mini Valentine's fondue set
* Heart shaped frying pan
* Cookie cutters
* Pot holders hand towels

Keep in mind that your Target may not have everything on this list, especially as Valentine's Day nears. At our Target, each item was priced at $2.50, but prices may vary.

Romantic Breakfast: Eggs and Pancakes

Start your day by surprising your sweetie with a romantic breakfast in bed. Fill a bed tray with a delicious breakfast, coffee, and a single red rose. If you want to get really romantic, add a card with a love note written inside.

Pancakes: Use the Valentine's Day cookie cutters to shape your pancakes. Included in the set are a heart with an error, a standard heart, an x and an o, and lips. Add some strawberry syrup on top.

Eggs: Use the heart shaped frying pan to make heart shaped fried eggs.

Add a meat of your choice to round it out. No shapes here.

Cost: $5 (frying pan, cookie cutters)

Romantic Dinner: Fondue

The key to any romantic dinner, especially a Valentine's dinner, is ambiance. Set the mood with a red tablecloth, the heart-themed dishes and silverware. and lots of candles. Soft romantic music playing in the background wouldn't hurt either.

For dinner, try a few delicious gourmet fondue recipes with the Valentine's mini fondue set. For dessert, you can do a decadent chocolate fondue and feed each other chocolate dipped berries. Add a glass of wine or a love-inducing cocktail and you've got a seductive dessert of aphrodisiacs.

Cost: $17.50 (2 dinner plates, 2 dessert plates, silverware set, candlesticks, fondue set)


Even if you've already got dinner reservations, these cool Valentine's goodies can still add romance to your day.

* Use the ice cube trays to add a little romance to your drinks throughout the day.
* Bake sugar cookies with the cookie cutters and top them with red icing.
* Make milk chocolate heart-shaped lollipops to share with a glass of wine.
* Give your sweetie the heart shaped photo frame with a photo of the two of you inside to put on their desk at work.

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