How Not To Be Friend Material By Kezia

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YOURE TALKING AWAY; MAKING HER LAUGH, AND ALSO MAKING SOME GREAT CONNECTIONS WITH HER TOO! More than once, she has grabbed your arm; she's even pushed her body close to yours a number of times. The I.O.Is here are major. It's a no brainer, she's yours for the taking.

" Or is she?"

When it comes to number close, she may be more than happy to give you her number, but when you arrange a date; I wonder if she will turn up in a sexy plunge neck dress or a casual loose fitting t-shirt. I wonder if she even bothers to wear make up for you. So in this case, the date you thought you were going on is probably not, in her eyes, a date at all. Why?

Because you became the dreaded.... (Dramatic drum roll please)


We will look at the following:


What are those tell tale signs that show you she sees you only as friend potential.

How to prevent this from happening!


Simple. Lets break this down; on one hand you have a been a brilliant conversationalist, you have made some deep connections with her, and so she feels you really understand her, not just as a woman but as a human being as well. You're also unbelievably funny, and have had her laughing hard countless times through out the interaction.

As a result of all these great accomplishments she feels she can relax, let down her guard and really be herself in front of you. Here is where a key problem lies. It obviously beneficial for you to make sure she's relaxed, however it is not beneficial to her so relaxed that she feels she can show you all her flaws, whats happened here is she is now so totally in her comfort zone that she feels no need to make any effort to impress you.

Next, what is missing here is a vital ingredient. You have not initiated any sexual tension in to the conversation. This would be a lot easier to do if you had made sure you were in higher status than her. But unfortunately what has happened in this situation is that you have made levels of status equal (better than your status level being lower of course) but this can lead to friendship, as friendships are usually based on equality of the relationship.


* She talks about her ex-boyfriend
* She talks too much about other men
* She is not caring how she is coming across general
* She tells you too many of her private problems such as;

* Medical
* Ex boyfriends
* Problems at work
* Problems with her friends
* Periods

(Remember you're not an agony aunt!)

She's not asking you too many questions about your self

She's shows barely any, or no, reaction to your touches

She keeps describing you as "so sweet" or "adorable" or says things such as "oh how cute" when you say something. Any puppy dog terminology is usually not a good thing.

She is not bothered if you show any interest in other woman.

She is happy to leave you with her friends as she goes off temporarily to attend to other matters.

If you give her any criticism she will laugh.

She's happy to tell you her opinions on everything whether you like it or not.


If you regularly have this problem then my suggestion to you is to nip it in the bud!

From as early as the first second to the first 10 minutes introduce at least a hint of sexual element in to the interaction.

There is no problem in letting a girl know you think she's hot, as long as you execute it with a serious and matter of fact expression. Don't make a big deal about saying "wow, you look hot" and don't wait for her reaction. Instead hold her gaze and then move on casually to the next subject as if you are totally in control and fully aware of your alpha like comment.

Remember, she has to start earning any more compliments.

This will also destroy completely the chance of you becoming her friend; she will subconsciously cross out that avenue. So now its whether she likes you in that way or not. (2 option rather than 3)


Lets take, for example, her bringing up the ex-boyfriend. Make it clear to her that although it's an interesting subject and one you can see she feels deeply about, perhaps it's best if she discussed it with her girlfriends and not you.

If she begins to show little or no care on how she is coming across, for instance getting to much in her comfort zone. Keep giving her small tasks and let her know that your standards are very high on how a lady should behave. For instance if vulgarities something you find unattractive (and is usually, by the way, a sign the woman is seeing you as a fellow party pal) then let her know how she's let you down, by pointing out the fact they you thought she was different from the woman in here and that it was her elegance that made you talk to her in the first place.

Watch how she straightens her back and tucks her bra strap back in to position faster than you can imagine.

If she leaves you with her friends and wanders off, this is a bad sign, it means she couldn't care less if they make a move on you or you make a move on them.

Counteract this by firstly introducing your friends to her friends, which will make her feel left out. And on her return, punish her by making a phone call as soon as she sits down, go off with your phone call and leave her friends talking with your friends as she sits there bored and feeling left out, she will begin to miss you and might value your company a little more.


Please remember women love to please men. We enjoy looking good for you guys; in fact it's a bit of obsession.

Look in any woman's magazines and see what percentage of the articles is dedicated to pleasing men, whether it is through; makeup, dieting, fashion or cooking. Once we feel there's no need to please you, it's as if the fun is over, for girls as well as guys the chase is can be better than the catch.

Remember; take control of the situation, if you become "friendship material" then you have yourself to blame, you can manipulate the conversation whenever you choose, you can inject sexual tension whenever you decide. The only reason you became friend material would have been because you allowed her to feel so relaxed that she had little or no work to do at all.

By all means make sure she is relaxed, but take advantage when someone is in a relaxed state of mind. Remember the power of suggestion will be come much more powerful when in that state. Do this rather than allow her to feel you are simply another shoulder to cry on, or part time doctor she can reveal gross medical problems to, or a psychiatrist where she can discuss her ex-boyfriends commitment problems he might have had.

You have plenty of friends, you don need another right? Unless of course you see her as friend material in that case go right ahead and discuss her periods and ex-boyfriends with her!


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