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When men typically tackle a problem, in a very simplified model, they'll assess it, and take a strategic approach and solving the solution. This is where a lot of guys run into problems in the pick up community, is that they're too methodical about it. I remember a client last week asking me: "So, where in the m3 model, do I start implementing kino tactics". For a second there I paused and I was like "okay, stop right there".

In all fairness, I had the EXACT same approach when I first started the game. While Mystery has done a great job of breaking down the pickup process, I don't think that his model is all encompassing and applies to all situations. Just like in poker, while the game is inherently the same, there are so many different types of game styles: heads up, cash games, etc. There are so many ways to approach pickup as well: indirect, direct, what have you.

So while I give a lot of credit to Mystery for pioneering the indirect approach, I believe it to be toxic to have too much tunnel vision.

One of the "ah-ha" moments I had with regards to pickup in the early phases was when I was going out with a friend named Christian, and he would what we call "natural game", one of his first critiques to me was that I wasn't having any fun and that I was using wayyyyyyyy too much strategy.

Now, I'm not condoning getting drunk on a nightly basis, but for a week, I dropped everything, just went out as a normal guy and worked on being fun cool and social. My results were MUCH better.

Again, while I do credit Mystery's work a lot, I feel that a lot of men take everything in his book for gospel, there really needs to be a balance and more importantly, it's important to realize that much of the generic advice you got before the game still applies, such as being in the moment.

Okay, so at this point, I've probably left you a little confused, but don't sweat it, I think I have something that can help you curb your problems.

There are many models in pickup and just for intensive purposes we'll take the ABC's of Attraction and the Mystery Method.

Both models, while they are different on paper, are very similar in the steps and progression as they do follow the same principles.

The part where I'll see most guys screw up is getting to the D phase in the ABC's and the kino escalation with the Mystery Method.

The problem is that most guys will go into the interaction verbally and not convey and dominance nor will they implement any general kino tactics.

Back when I was first beginning to learn, I really found Lovedrop's lecture on Kino tactics to be extremely helpful. For the beginning to middle portion of the pickup, keeping things simple, all a PUA really needs to do well is apply general kino tactics and BT spikes ( buying temperature ). And really, if you can do these two things well, it'll take care of 80% of the pickup.

So for example, lovedrop will go into set and run the stripper name routine and when the girls respond with laughter, he'll kino escalate and it it's absolute clock work.

So for all the newbies out there, try not to overcomplicate things, instead, SIMPLIFY. For the time being, if you're just starting out, I would highly encourage you to keep things simple and use the basic template below:

* BT Spike

* Kino

* Continue conversation

If you can rinse and repeat that process, it'll set up a real solid foundation for the rest of the pick up. Again, just using some common sense and advice you received before you got into pickup, realize that humor is an absolute must for a PUA, if you can't make a girl laugh, there is no way in hell she'll be attracted to you and that especially applies to cold approach pickup in clubbing environments.

One of the best educational experiences I had in my PUA journey was working a bit with Joe D and he got my started with improv comedy. It really teaches you timing, tonality, and more importantly it teaches you how to think on your feet (ergo, you can ditch the canned material, and truly be in the moment). I spent a lot of time with this in unison with watching plenty of stand up comedy and over time I integrated this a lot into my personality.

Not only was it extremely helpful with my pickup life, but it truly added a new dimension of fun and happiness to my existence. Being able to create and share laughter with others is truly something you cannot put a price on.

Anyway, back to the pickup, when you can effectively BT spike, that gives you a lot of power and more importantly, it creates that small window for you to physically escalate.

So for those that have participated in VA bootcamp, you've seen Lovedrop demo his stripper name routine and right afterwards, he'll hug the girl and bite her softly on the neck and that conveys so many things. It conveys that he's playful, fun, dominant, and not hesitant of physically escalating.

So for those guys that are struggling out there and are having a tough time getting to the next level, hone your BT game, without it, you'll sink, trust me. Don't overcomplicate the entire pick up model, having solid BT game, IMO, is 50% of the work you'll do and if you watch all of the top PUA's in their infield videos, you'll notice it yourself.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deida - The Way Of The Superior Man
Dr Peter Davies - What Will The Neighbors

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