Dating Site Rejects Ugly People

Dating Site Rejects Ugly People Image rejects ugly people. It has finally been done. A website for only the most beautiful people. It was inevitable, really.

BEAUTIFULPEOPLE.COM, an exclusive online dating site that weeds out the uglies, launched today in China, France, Germany, India, and Russia.

How does it work? Well, prospective members sign up and submit a picture of themselves, at which point existing members get to vote on their hotness, or ugliness, over a 72-hour period. If, after 72 hours, members agree that they're universally hot, they're in. It's free.

If not, then they get sent out back into their second class world of ugly.

BEAUTIFULPEOPLE.COM founder ROBERT HINTZE says that, "BEAUTIFULPEOPLE.COM is governed by the principle that every human being wants to be with someone they find attractive - its human nature. By only allowing beautiful people through our doors, we remove the first hurdle."

What makes all this so funny is that it sounds like it's going to be a lot like You know, people go into the room, fully believing they can sing, only to be told that they sound like a cat having it's fur tweezed off.

How many people out there think they're hot when, in fact, they have faces for radio? There are going to a whole lot of bruised egos walking around out there.

So if you think you're hot, give BEAUTIFULPEOPLE.COM a try, but if you get rejected, face the facts.

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