Chris Jackson - How To Get Her To Take Her Clothes Off (61.0 Kb)

Chris Jackson - How To Get Her To Take Her Clothes Off Cover Chris Jackson (D.Min., United Theological Seminary) is pastor at Conquerors Church in Nashville, TN. He has served six college campuses over a 20-year period and has led regional and national retreats and seminars for the National Baptist Convention. Dr. Chris Jackson specializes in dating relationship advice. Dr. Jackson is an accomplished write and author of Straight Talk on Tough Topics and The Black Christian Singles Guide to Dating and Sexuality, he lives in Antioch, TN.

Chris Jackson have been founded community group of 15 persons led by Drs. Chris & Coreen Jackson on the campus of Tennessee State University in Nashville for the purpose of uniting efforts to make a positive difference in marriages and relationships in the Nashville area and beyond.:

Chris Jackson said about community group:

Our mission is to help develop healthy marriages, healthy engagements, and healthy dating relationships for the Metro Nashville African-American community and beyond. We join with the national African American Healthy Marriage Initiative (AAHMI) mission: “To promote and strengthen the institution of healthy marriage in the African American community.”

Ten Critical Focus Areas:

Ten focal points for healthy marriages include developing the following critical areas: Commitment, Communication, Finances, Roles/Expectations, Sexuality/Fidelity, Conflict Management, Family/Friendships, Teamwork/Oneness, Spirituality, and Goals/Purpose.


Healthier relationships impact homes, schools, churches, and businesses. The long-term benefits include improvements in social, judicial, and governmental arenas through greater emotional, economic, social, and overall community health.


* Promotion of Healthy Marriage & relationships

* Partnership with local Marriage Educators, Ministers & Counselors

* Outreach to colleges, churches and agencies

* Training lay marriage counselors/coaches

* Money management skills & tools

* Competent, affordable marriage referral system

* Decrease in divorce, unwed pregnancy and extra-marital affairs

* Increase in the length & strength of premarital counseling process

* A Marriage School for engaged & newly married couples

* Generational legacy of healthy marriages in Nashville

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