British In Australia Spread Stds

British In Australia Spread Stds Cover
It seems that about 700,000 British backpackers head to Australia every year, and along with their beer guzzling, they also offer Ozzies plenty of STDs as well.

A survey of more than 1,000 British backpackers in Sydney, Australia, found that they had three times the sex partners they'd usually have at home, even if they're not single.

Almost 40% had multiple partners in Australia.

41% didn't use condoms consistently.

24% always had unprotected sex with multiple partners.

10% have had more than one sex partner while on vacation in Australia.

Given that some of the British backpackers spend upwards of a year in Australia, it's no surprise that they have multiple partners, but there's really no excuse for not putting a hat on jimmy.

So why aren't they using condoms and how come Australians are so willing to engage in sex with these Britons? Well, my theory is that they'd rather spend their money on beer and hallucinatives instead of condoms, and the Ozzies are tired of their own and want to try a new flavor.

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