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NLP has been defined as the "Art and Science of Personal Excellence" -this is the shortest and most succinct definition that I found.

Another is that NLP is the "Structure of Subjective Experience". Different people give different meanings to the same event and all experiences are filtered through our own values and beliefs. Simply put, what someone sees as bad and disturbing might not bother another person at all.

NLP's tools and processes assist individuals and companies to create awareness and more choice in their environment. It provides the learning to develop potential and create success - or, even helps you to create your future. It does so by unpacking your own internal structure, beliefs and values and helps to recreate experiences from different points of view.

If you, for example, lack the confidence to face a situation, NLP is helping you to discover "confidence" in you, and creates the anchor that you can live and be "confident" whenever you want.

In short, it helps to discover internal resources that are needed to overcome challenges - in my speak: To create the WoW in Life.

AlwaysWoW! Consulting Sdn Bhd now offers business coaching and personal effectiveness with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - contact me for an initial coaching session.

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