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I've got something MIND-BLOWING to share with you today.

Some guys won't be able to handle this tip. Some of them will just assume I'm selling a boatload of bullshit and things could never ever work that way.

Some guys don't want to know how great their life can be.

But I believe you want only the best for yourself. So today, I'm going to show you how to make ANY girl attracted to you, even if she's with her BOYFRIEND.

Now, I'm not telling you that it's cool to steal girls from another guy. Matter of fact, when I'm dating just one girl, I can get pretty protective. But I'll tell you most girls with boyfriends are dating guys who DO NOT turn them on and DO NOT make them happy. So when you think that she's got a guy already, just remember, it's HER choice. All you are doing is having fun with her and letting

her make that choice for herself.

And one last keen observation before we get to the meat of the meal. Think about all the times you've been at a bar and seen a girl with a guy. How many times did you ASSUME they were there together as boyfriend and girlfriend? Probably 100%, right?

Now ponder this. What kind of goofball boyfriend brings his girl to a club on a Friday night where guys like us are out flirting? Most of the time when you see girls with guys out in the club, those guys are there as "friends." You know the type. They've worked together for years, and he's totally in love with her but will never ever ever ever ever actually make a move?

Yeah, that's the guy. Well, now that you know this, I'm going to show you a brain-dead simple way to turn those girls on AND get the guys on your side right away.

After all, the more friends you have rooting for you and the girl to get together, the easier it is.

Make it all about love, not war.

Let's get to it.


Thanks for the great tips and advice! Here's a question that's been stumping me for some time. What do you do when you start

talking to a girl who is with a boyfriend? This is probably one of my greatest fears of approaching girls.


Joe, Ithaca NY


You're welcome for the advice, and I feel bad that I never answered this question before.

See, it comes up all the time in our technique-packed Art of Attraction workshop (http://pickup101.com/members/AoA), where we cover every approach to every single situation you see and make sure you know just what to do in each one, but I never thought to write a tip about it.

Then one of our STUDENTS got so inspired from AoA that HE wrote a tip to share just what he learned in Art of Attraction with everyone. So I'm going to let the voice of experience here take over and tell you EXACTLY how he approaches hotties with guys and gets everyone loving him every time.

I used to piss people off.

Not all the time - but I did piss SOME people off, and those 'people' were usually 'boyfriends'


First, let me tell you who I am and what I learned at the recent AoA in Washington, D.C.

My name is Caleb Osborne, and I picked up a VERY important 'insiders' tip about this whole meeting cute girls thing.

We were going over approaching groups of girls and 'mixed' groups of girls where there's not only cute girls but often a guy or two.

And I figured out why I used to piss some people off.

You see, I've never been too afraid to walk up to people I don't know and start talking to them.

And I've never been afraid of the people in that group, specifically the guys - or boyfriends hanging around - I would just walk up and start talking to the girl that caught my eye

or I might have done something a little more less socially acceptable if I had been partaking of the drink that night.

I've been in martial arts my whole life and figured I could handle myself if anyone wanted to say anything.

"Screw those guys. They mean nothing to me. If I want to talk to her I will"

And I literally treated them like they meant nothing, I'd walk up - talk to the girl and totally ignore the guy.

I'd treat him like he was just an obstacle, the competition -- the one thing that kept me from hanging with the cute girl.

So now you see why I pissed certain guys off

But at Art of Attraction - I discovered there's actually a simple, easy way to not only have guys NOT pissed off at you when you want to talk to their girls - but be HAPPY to have you do it!

You want to know the secret?

It's really simple, you ready?

Here it is:

Talk to the guys first. Be cool about it.

That's it, it's that simple and that powerful!

Before this workshop, I always saw the other guys as "competition" -- but that's not the case. The other guys out there are your potential friends.

Hell, they're your potential "wingman"

At AoA you'll disover how to talk to the guys first, so they don't feel threatened (if one of the girls in the group is their girlfriend) and actually befriend them.

It's actually a really simple concept - be a cool, friendly, sociable guy - and they will respond in same!

And you know what?

They will actually HELP you talk to the girls in the group.

Because now you're no longer an outsider, you're a cool guy that knows how to talk to all the other cool guys and make sure everyone's having fun.

you're just the type of guy they'd like to see the single girl in their group flirt with

And all it takes is a simple 'frame shift' in your mind pointed out by an expert instructor at AoA.

All through high school I never had problems making girls smile, but I didn't know this.

Just like the martial arts, you can't learn this stuff on your own and think you're Bruce Lee. Or read a book and think you're a black belt.

It's real skills. It's a physical thing. It's in your body.

No matter how successful you are now with women, you'll be amazed at how much easier and fun it can be!

And if you're like me -- you'll have a whole lot less jealous boyfriends that are pissed off at you.

Talk soon,


P.S. And for you D.C. Guys - I'll see you at the next workshop!

Thanks Caleb. I love it when I see a student come in with a question and an idea and a hope that this will be what he's been looking for for years.

Then we hug goodbye on Sunday and I see a confident, happy, studly kinda dude standing before me, and I know the hotties in his town are in for a helluva ride.

That's why Art of Attraction is going from city to city now, to make them all sexier, one stud at a time.

The girls in your town are BORED. They are DYING for a fun, confident guy to show the giant BALLS it takes to walk up and flirt with them, even when they are with a "friend."

They are DYING to find a guy who knows how to make everyone love him, and knows how to spread the love with new friends instead of always trying to compete with the enemy.

And YOU are that man. You just need a coach who has been in your shoes before and now is a certified stud.

Your next step: decide who you want to be.

Do you want to be the guy at the bar looking at the girl and hating on everyone around you and the guy she's with (and probably singing "Jessie's Girl" sadly to yourself while doing it)?

OR do you want to be the MAN who sees a girl he likes and ALWAYS walks up with a smile, makes friends with the guys and makes all the girls want him?

Your call, hoss. If you want to be the man, your next step is simple. Get to Art of Attraction in your town TODAY.


After all, girls just want to make love, not war (craft).

Lance Mason

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