Beverage Negotiations

Beverage Negotiations Cover
Highlighting once again the perverse way in which "dinner and drinks" capture the female mind, I will recount a recent experience that played out well, though unpredictably.

I was leaving my business partner's house in Brooklyn after a day of working on our business and I popped into a corner store for a bottle of water. Inside, two girls were buying groceries. Quickly, I asked for Kate's number, mentioning I had to get back to the city, but that she was cute and we should get together another night. That was enough - she gave me the digits.

Over the course of the next week, she got a message or two inquiring about her night, did she want to meet for a drink?, etc. I was busy and working on many girls, so she didn't get any focused attention. Then, on some random weeknight, she texted back that she could meet me uptown. I told her my corner, and she took a taxi up. I was home and when she got here, she texted, "I'm here." I texted her the building number and buzzer; it was about 9:30.

She came up and sat down. We talked. She got comfortable. The candles were flickering and the music was on. After chatting for fifteen minutes, I began to prepare the rug and pillows on the floor. She came over, took off her shoes and felt the pelt under her feet. I eased her down and soon we were on our knees, close to each other.

I kissed her. She responded and things progressed. My hand went up her skirt and her legs parted. Her panties were damp. Before long, most of our clothes were off and she was reclining on the pillows, legs slightly apart.

Clearly, this wasn't what she had anticipated. She had signed-up for a cocktail, and now she was on the brink of sex without a beverage... As I reached for a condom, she resisted. And then, to my surprise, she proffered the following: "If we do this, you'll take me out for a drink after, right?" I agreed. We had sex.

Afterwards, we dressed and walked out on Madison. Thankfully, the bars were closed and the sole option was a bodega down the street. I got a lime seltzer, and she, seeing that I wasn't going to drink, got a soda.


We walked into Central Park, sat on a bench and talked for a bit. She discussed this guy she likes, but isn't sure if he's that interested. They ride bikes around town, meet for coffee, etc. We had a nice chat and then I walked her to the train. She left, Brooklyn-bound.

What struck me most about this "date" was how Kate clung desperately to this notion of "a drink" in the face of imminent sex. I've found that to be a very female behavior: concern for irrelevant dating protocol in the midst of a highly sexual moment. I was naked, in front of her with a hard-on and she was naked, lying down and wet. I was about to enter her, and her mind was focused on getting a drink out of the night.


I know they like to feel "compensated" somehow for sex, but this is ridiculous. How can the brain allot resources to planning a beverage when it should be entirely focused on the immediate physicality of the situation? Only the female brain could do this, which demonstrates that a) women can multitask, and b) women regard sex as an instrument of barter, insufficient on its own merits as a valid activity.

As a man, I say that's pathetic and I will do everything in my power to counteract such pathological thinking.


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