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Dating Book Review Understanding Women Cover


Giving men perspective from a woman's point of view, ROMY MILLER attempts to help men get the women they want by giving them some valid insight into a woman's psyche. The problem is, some of the advice she furnishes "UNDERSTANDING "will leave men out in the cold and turn them into the very unwanted "nice guy".

While ROMY MILLER doles out advice like "ALWAYS pay for dinner" and calls men who won't date women with kids jerks, there are some points that make sense. Of course, she is essentially reiterating what every man should already know (and if you don't know the following, then I stand corrected and you need to get your hands on and read this book ASAP):

* Have a clean apartment
* Work out
* Don't be a pig
* Have confidence

Wow, talk about reinventing the wheel here.

Finally, because the book contains too many typos, it begs the question whether this book was just thrown together in a few minutes to make some easy coin.

I respect ROMY MILLER and even agree with some of her views, but this book certainly falls flat where advising men on women is concerned. It sounds more like a rant about men rather than an actual book that attempts to help them.

So if you want to read about the basics when it comes to picking up women, then perhaps you'll enjoy this book, but if you're looking to hone your interaction skills with women, perhaps you'll be better served to look elsewhere for the advice you seek.


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