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I estimate about 20% of attractive girls are flakes. This means she is the type who is wishy-washy about making plans, slow to return phone calls, and prone to cancelling dates at the last minute. How much time and energy you should put into her until you cut your losses and walk away?

It will seem like a huge accomplishment if you bang a flake because of all the hurdles she put you through prior to sex, but you'll still experience a nagging feeling that doesn't allow you to enjoy the success as much as you should. It's because the flake is controlling the frame. She is getting what she wants at the pace she wants while you are mostly tagging along for the ride.

She turns you into a puppy dog that is grateful scraps were put out.

Compare that to banging a girl who follows your rules and your lead. She drives to your house to cook for you, she takes off her clothes when you tell her to, and she calls you after sex and tries to set up the next date. You enjoy the sex "and" the process to get there, which, in theory, is how it should be.

It's hard to define a strategy that works well with flakes. Some flakes seem to respond if you chase them, others respond if you don't. But the most optimal strategy will preserve your alpha status while leading to success. That means you have to be cool and not drool over her, and pull back when she does to let her know that you have other things going on.

In the end the flake has to make the decision to stop flaking in order to allow the seduction to continue. There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop her from flaking besides staying confident and non-needy. While a passive approach to the game in general will lead to less results, I believe this is the best way to deal with a girl who is pulling away from you more than coming in.

After a while of no contact, which often occurs with flakes, throw some bait here or there in the form of an email, random call, Facebook message, or party invite, but don't make it seem like it is important you get with her. You don't want her to think that you're even sexually interested, which is one reason why she flakes in the first place. The main idea is to be "breezy."

It will be inevitable that you play a good game where you get some action short of sex, but she simply won't allow you to take things to the next level. If you've exhausted all other reasonable options, you will have to make the decision to fold your cards and walk away. Cut her off and don't respond to her obvious attempts to keep the attention train rolling. By rejecting women in this way, for flaking or not doing what you want, your mind over time will begin to project high value with future girls you meet. Since we only turn down what is beneath us, we trick our brain into thinking desirable women possess less value than we have.

In other words you will never have to explain to other girls that you've turned down desirable women (a trait possessed by the most successful men), because they can feel it in the way you talk and act.

You may be thinking, "Well, I will get less notches if I don't pursue those flakes." This is possible but there has to be a balance between your happiness level and sexual variety, where you are having sex with the women you want but enjoying it in a low stress way, minimizing the bullshit that makes you think less of the game.

If you are a game newbie, it's not a bad idea to pursue a couple flakes for educational purposes to observe and learn from their behavior, but not because you see her as something long-term who can provide you with happiness. It's extremely rare that a flake will make for a nice long-term relationship.

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