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"This was taken from a recent comment. I think it really speaks to what we need to focus on to improve our game especially with negs and cocky and funny:"

90% of these comments just let me know that no matter how far we are trying to get away from cheezy pickup lines and acting like a douchebag, most guys just don't seem to get it. I feel like I'm on a high-school forum for either "who can come up with the sappiest line", or "who can make the girl see how much of a tool I really am?"

Guys, your "negs" are completely out of sync with what we have learned from Mystery, Style, DeAngelo, etc. For some strange reason, a forum devoted to PUA material has been reduced to an SNL skit about "how to be an arrogant jackass that thinks he's a stand-up-comedian". Have you learned NOTHING by studying The Game!?

Seriously, 90-99% of you have obviously never read 'The Game', watched 'The Pickup Artist', listened to any of David DeAngelo's material, or basically took the time to find out what REALLY works when approaching a set. You are all dooming yourselves to the lives of a greasy scumbag who knows nothing of the teaching from the masters.

Do yourselves a favor. Next time, instead of trying to be Andrew Dice Clay in your next encounter with a female, politely excuse yourself from the set and go to the bookstore. If you are still stubborn and think that laying on the "I'm so insecure that I have to call you a whore and portray myself as a sexual god" will get you somewhere, please buy a really good book from 1976 on pickup lines. I'm sure "What's your sign?" will be in there if you haven't thought of that one yet.

If you really care, if you REALLY want to know the tactics and maneuvers that are necessary to move your "game" up a notch, then seek out material by the people I've already mentioned. You will immediately find that what is going on in this thread has NOTHING to do with having "game". Your "game" that is on display here is the entire reason that Mystery and his fellow pick-up-artists have devised a distinct method to AVOID having to lower yourselves to cheezy one-liners.

I fully realize that a lot of you are just starting out, and you want to throw in your (what you think) is prime material. I don't fault you for that. Just PLEASE, for all of our sakes, at LEAST read "The Game" by Neil Strauss. I will consider anything you decide to indulge yourself in after that just gravy.

I'm not writing this post to belittle you guys that seem to think that flat-out insulting a woman, or forcing a sexual innuendo on them is the right way to sarge. I'm trying to let you in on material that will change your life. If you are too lazy to figure it out, I have no pity on you when you fail constantly with the Asshole/Douchebag lines. Most of what I have seen here are distinctly NOT "Cocky/Funny". They are the same shitty "pickup" lines that true PUA's have been honing their craft to get away from.

Anyone that is still listening....STOP reading this post for material. The stuff that these guys are putting forth will only hurt your game. Search harder, read the proven material, download some seminars by David DeAngelo, Mystery, etc., and then come back to this thread. Only then will you see how foolish this whole thing is. "Cocky/Funny"? No, almost all of these comments are Arrogant/Douchey. Tool/Cheezy. They go against everything that we are supposed to be learning, and the entire reason we are part of this forum in the first place. Start over. It's not hard. All of the material is there if you REALLY want to find it. Good luck guys. You're gonna need it if you're still telling women that they fell out of heaven or saying that they are flat-out ugly. Negs are a happy medium. You will learn if you bother to find out. Good God.

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