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Over the weekend, I had the privilege to attend Stephen Nash's "On Being Naturally Attractive To Women" seminar held in New York. It was a diverse group of fellas, but they all wanted to know one thing - how to be smooth, and charismatic with a sense of purpose.

I think some of the guys caught on faster than others, although all learned valuable lessons, and felt a shift in reality from being there.


Stephen started by talking about what things are attractive to women; namely, security, autonomy, and masculinity. He went through exercises to help guys focus on what they really want out of life, which helps them gain a better understanding on why someone would want to be around them.

He then moved onto his Circle of Autonomy.

The circle of autonomy is made up of (if I can remember them all) Finances, Hobbies, Social Life, Image (Fashion, Style), Career, Health, Family, and Spirituality. Stephen was saying that with all of these in balance, creates an autonomous male, which is the most attractive of all males. (Alpha Male) Because he has his life together, is not needy, and exudes a level of masculinity reserved only for those who are on this path.

Stephen went into what your purpose is and what that details. Finding you're purpose is one of the most important steps in the process of becoming naturally attractive.

We then had the pleasure of hearing from Michael Jancz who is an expert of the David Deida line of work. His book Way of the Superior Man which I recommend everyone pickup immediately was the basis of Michael's segment. Although some of what he said was a little "newage", most of it was good information that really helps you put in perspective the feminine and how it relates to us.


Stephen detailed social skills. Engage, Hook, Connect in every detail imaginable. I learned alot of great techinques in this section, such as "Baiting" in which you simply and subtly, spur new conversations by dropping experiences in.

Eg. Her: Do you love New York or what?

You: Yeah I love New York, way different than the river rafting town outside Seattle. Not better, just different

Her: Oh, what town?

Baiting is the best way to lead conversations, as it stops you from being "needy" and always asking questions.

Stephen then lead us into his social circle techniques.

Leading is most important when it comes to social circle "game". Coming up with new activities, inviting friends, and making it as fun as possible puts you in the position of the "leader", which makes you attractive and which lets you meet tonnes of women if done right. Stephen stepped the guys through this process, and what to really look for when you find a new group of women. Eg. the "gatekeepers".

Then we had a fashion and style segment in which Jonathon Hudson, former GM of Charisma Arts.

Jonathon broke down fashion archetypes and what fits, what colors work on different guys and what to really look for when you're buying clothes. Jonathon stayed around and fueled conversations as the day progressed.

We then had three beautiful women come in to give their first impressions of the guys. It was interesting to hear their opinions as most of them really didn't think to badly of some of the guys I thought would be social rejects. Perhaps, they were just being nice.

Either way, every guy got up and got drilled in front of the whole seminar. It was awesome. Many guys got a tonne out of this, and it ended up being one of the nicest unforeseen highlights of the seminar.

After the first impressions and general vibe from the women's section of the seminar, Stephen closed with a motivation speech about how to get these skills implemented in life, and really find what they want with women and dating.

Overall, many of the guys came up to me after and commented that they wish they took this seminar before others they had previously. I didn't meet one guy that regretted it, and one even said he was so excited about his new view on life he couldn't wait to get started!

Great seminar, with a great attendance.

For those who didn't make it, you should check out Stephen's program called "Natural Attraction, it goes over alot of the same stuff as the seminar, and is formatted into a 7 day "personal coaching" style audio program.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Real Social Dynamics - Amsterdam Seminar Notes
David Deangelo - Stephen Interview Special Report

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