Book Review 8 Essential Traits Of Couples Who Thrive

Book Review 8 Essential Traits Of Couples Who Thrive Cover
Formerly titled" That I'm Married, Why Isn't Everything Perfect? , Susan Page offers up a useful guide for couples who want to make sure that their relationships remain as great as they did in the honeymoon phase.

With over 20 years of counseling experience, it's no wonder Susan Page is able to spot the 8 Essential Traits of Couple who Thrive. So what are these mysterious 8 traits that lead to a thriving relationship and, in essence, marriage?

1. Desire, belief, and commitment

2. Goodwill

3. Clear values

4. Boundaries

5. Perspective

6. Relationship-enhancing communication

7. Intimacy

8. Pleasure

It's no secret that most of us walk into a relationship with expectations that are impossible to meet. This undoubtedly leads to misery and, in turn, many couples end up going their separate ways. But with the 8 Essential Traits of Couples who Thrive, Susan Page helps couples understand which attitudes, techniques and little pleasures will lead to a happy, lasting relationship.

Susan Page believes that "love is the beginning of the cure for the world's ills..." and teaches couples to love the good in their partners rather than focus on the things that irritate them.

Of the many concepts Susan Page offers to help couples achieve happiness in their relationships, one of the best is that if one person isn't ready to discuss an issue the other has, they should set a time and place to discuss said issue. That way, when it comes time to talking about it, they're both calm and have thought their points through.

Great book indeed.


By Susan Page

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