Jo Barrett - The Men Guide To The Women Bathroom (1.4 MB)

Jo Barrett - The Men Guide To The Women Bathroom Cover The Men's Guide to the Women's Bathroom strives to answer life's most imponderable question: What Do Women Really Do in the Bathroom?

When the witty and urbane Claire St. John leaves New York City and returns to Austin, Texas, she realizes that all of the good advice she has ever received has been from strangers in the women's bathroom. If only she'd listened before she'd married the wrong man and wound up on the losing end of a divorce.

Swearing off men, Claire decides to take a big chance—she will quit her life as a lawyer and write the ultimate self-help book—a book detailing exactly what goes on in that most sacred feminine temple: the women's bathroom.

But will the new how-to guru ever learn to take her own advice? While she's discovering the truth behind the bathroom door, re-assimilating to Texas culture by eating nuclear" jalapeno carrots, speeding down highways through the famed Texas hill country, and even joining an ill-fated booze cruise, Claire St. John is fighting her feelings for Jake Armstrong, a dashing organic food entrepreneur who threatens to throw off the balance of her new life. Will she be able to handle the pressure or will she watch her love life get flushed away?

In The Men's Guide to the Women's Bathroom, Jo Barrett attempts to answer the age old question that has plagued men for years, "What exactly goes on in the women's bathroom?" The answer is simple. Everything. Bad date? The bathroom is where women go to make a sneak call to their friends informing them of the catastrophe. Bad day? The bathroom is where women sneak in a mid-day cry before heading back to the office. For any and all emotions, the women's bathroom is the place where we can find sanctuary, a place for peace when the world seems filled with chaos. Jo Barrett has captured the essence of the women's bathroom and placed it in the context of a fun, lighthearted chick lit novel that was a joy to read and entertaining to boot.


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