Canadians Love Workplace Romance

Canadians Love Workplace Romance Cover
2500 Canadians were polled by Sun Media's Great Canadian Couples Sex Survey regarding sex and wouldn't you know it, the majority agreed that you should have sex with someone before marrying them. Test the waters, if you will.

Canadians are also big fans of workplace romance, although they admit that there's nothing more awkward than running into an ex every single day at work. That sure does account for some major work misery.

Internet dating ranked super low, however; Canadians aren't rushing to post up their profiles and would prefer to lock eyes with someone in a bar.

And Canadians think that love strikes best after their 20s and 30s; no high school sweethearts for life here.

As for turnoffs, drinking too much alcohol and inevitably making an ass of yourself ranks up there, along with terrible body odor and halitosis.

So come to Canada, where sex comes before marriage and workplace romance is just another Monday at the office.

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