Cheating With Virtual Girlfriends

Cheating With Virtual Girlfriends Cover
Is it really cheating if the woman isn't even real?

KOH and YURIE moved to San Francisco from Tokyo a year ago. But in September 2009, while he was on a business trip back home, Koh decided to buy a virtual dating game called LOVE PLUS for his NINTENDO DS. You know, just for fun.

Having tried other dating games in the past, KOH figured this would be just like the rest. But boy was he ever wrong. He fell hook line and sinker for RINKO, a pouty, hard-ass high school girl who hung out at the library.

At first she treated him coldly and wouldn't really acknowledge him all that much, but soon she became incredibly affectionate and began taking up more and more of his time.

And while KOH's girlfriend seems incredibly understanding about the whole thing (well, KOH did only play it for a week - or so he says), there are women out there who are tripping out over losing their husbands to virtual women.

But really, is it cheating? I think I can call it many things, but cheating isn't one of them.

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