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Britain or better, the UK, has a couple of great NLP practitioners. One of my favourite books on NLP comes from an NLPler in the UK called Sue Knight, while I currently also like to go into hypnosis with Paul Mckenna's Instant Confidence CD.

Now I had an interesting and very active visitor from the UK - a guy called Ian. Visit his blog -he really seems to enjoy spearheading NLP in the UK.

We have started quite an interesting idea exchange about the potential application of NLP in countries outside of the UK or the US. It is my belief that it is possible, but then, I speak English and coach in English and do everything in English. However, there are NLP centers in Hong Kong that train in Chinese, so it must be possible. In any case, it surely is important to take care of culture and cultural bias, whatever someone is using and applying in a context.

Or, as Ian initially challenged - is success the same in the Asia as it is in the US? I say - I don't know - it depends on the definition of the individual and his or her background.

NLP is important to me. It helps me to understand myself, and others, better and communicate in a more efficient way. And that is the most important because a lack of communication is cause for a lot of trouble in the world.

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