How To Have An Interesting Conversation By David Wygant

How To Have An Interesting Conversation By David Wygant Cover
Here's a video in which I go into depth about making your conversations dynamic with women.


Having an interesting conversation with another person involves a couple of things. Let's say, for instance, you're in H M, like we were just in H M hanging out.

We walked into H M, and we attracted people. How did we attract people in H M? We walked over, we grabbed the funny 6lb straw hat - which by the way, I think I'm going to buy, because they are really cool - and then what did we do?

Immediately I looked at you, Pete, and I said, "put the hat on, go over and ask this woman what she thinks of you in this hat." So you went over there and you talked to her.

What happens is that women will start seeing this - we're smiling, we're being goofy, we're trying stuff on - and then what did I do next? I started talking to the guy next to me. I said, "man, what do you think about this hat on me?" What we are doing is putting on a show.

So then the guy responded, "yeah, that hat looks good on you, let me see," and we talked for a minute. Then all of a sudden these two women started walking towards us and they were looking and whispering to each other before they even got here - did you notice that?

What were they whispering? "Wow, I want to meet these guys, let's slow down a little bit," and they slowed their walk down. So then I started talking to them, they decided which hat they liked best on me, they flirted, and if you noticed, the one girl shook her little ass as she walked out - did you see that?

She was basically being this horny little naughty girl, saying, "come and get me." She shook it, but she knew she was shaking it, you could see she was shaking it. All because of these types of simple little conversations and just having fun.

Now the security guard came over, because we were drinking water during all that, and he knew we were fun. He was watching the other people watch us. It's contagious! He was watching other people talk to us, and he saw everybody smiling, and thought, those guys are nice.

So he came over and said, "so listen, man, you can't drink that in here. My boss is going to kill me." So I put it in my pocket, and he said, "oh come on, man, I'm going to lose my job - my wife, my five kids..." So I said, "five kids? I thought you had six kids!"

So then he just said, "alright, man, just hide it, or put your thumb over it." That was how - it was just from being fun. I was already in a fun mood because we were in there for five minutes.

It's a stage. Whenever you walk in to a room - I don't care if it's a coffee shop, a toy store, or a restaurant - it's a game. It's your stage. This is why that all transitioned in that way.

Now, you have to realize that if you do this all day long, what you're NOT looking to do is to get 50 phone numbers all day, and then be a telemarketer on Sunday night calling each of them up - "hey, Debbie, this is David. David, the tall guy? 6'2"? No, no, no, I had the brown hair..."

No! You want to connect with people. You want to do this everywhere - and you'll see tomorrow, we'll do this everywhere we go - everywhere. Even though the exchange rate is 1.6, we're still going to go everywhere!

And what we're going to do is have a party. Everywhere we go. And by creating this party, you will eventually (over the course of the day) connect with somebody and get into a deeper conversation. It just happens naturally.

So don't try to 'escalate' every person you talk to. Be playful, and be okay with 30-second and 60-second conversations. And then when you find the one that you really like, then you'll walk directly over to her, because you're feeling so confident - people have been loving and digging you all day - and you're feeling so confident, it's incredible. You just walk into a room and you just ooze sex appeal in every way.

If you ooze sex appeal, what will happen is that women will start to notice you. And then the woman that you really want is going to start talking to you, and the conversation will just flow. You know when you get into a great conversation with somebody, it just flows, right?

But in order to get that to happen every day, you have to go out and talk to a lot of people, and warm up. That's how you get it. You're looking for that one, unbelievable connection every day. That connection is better than any drug, any alcohol, anything you can ever do.

That's how you get it done. Go download my Date To Win ebook, it'll get you started on the right track.

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