Seduction Community 90 Of Dating Coaches Are Women

Seduction Community 90 Of Dating Coaches Are Women Image
This is pretty much blind leading blind, where women teaching guys how to meet and date. I was just reading a column about female dating coach, and the advice she was giving was not only counter intuitive but also counter productive. What boggles my mind, is that guys actually pay for that. Men should be teaching men and women should be teaching women. If a woman have never approached a girl with a purpose of having sex, she cant teach guys how to approach women. SHE CANT.

Vice versa, if a guy teaches women how to date, he is a fraud and just trying to cash in on the market. Yet, since 90% of the dating coaches are women, the problem for the guys is much greater then for the women. Women cannot and will not teach a guy how to meet women, she will teach him how to be wussy, how to supplicate and how to be a rug on whom women can walk. You should watch some of the videos. Here is a great example of why women can't give advice to men on meeting women.

Even if women has some common sense on teaching guy how to date, she doesn't have ANY experience. Only if she is a lesbian, then i will give her credit, since at least she experienced approach. Although i still think lesbians have an easy time meeting women, for various reasons, such us girl wont have a shield up when other girl approaches. So lesbian gets a maybe nod, still not as good as guys coach, but close.

This is why pick up artists are doing so well now, because what dating coaches teach now (90% women) are at best case scenario wont help, and in worst case scenario make guy much less confident and even more self conscious. At least pick up artists teach how to be ballzy and confident, women teach how to be a wuss. I will go as far as to say, bad pick up artist coach is 10xtimes better then good female coach. Women are in the field of teaching guys how to meet women,only for the money. period.Sign up for Pick up Future RSS feed.

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