Do You Lie To Your Spouse

Do You Lie To Your Spouse Cover
In a recent poll from around the world, READERS DIGEST has discovered that, more often than not, spouses tend to lie to each other. A lot.

And what they lie about is not necessarily divorce-worthy, but it's bad enough to start a fight that could last for hours or even days.

In READERS DIGEST's latest global survey, the top answer in 15 countries was lying about one's whereabouts, with Russians doing the most lying in that category.

In the United States, lying about one's whereabouts also ranked highest, but lying about cash came in at a very close second. Mo money, mo problems, I always say.

I think the real question is; where the hell is everyone going that they feel the need to lie about it? Are they headed to strip joints? Another man's home? Is there some secret location men and women head to that's too dirty to talk about?

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