Man Writes Love Letter In Newspaper

Man Writes Love Letter In Newspaper Cover
A man took up a half page in the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS on Tuesday December 22, 2009, to express his deep and undying love for a woman who left him 37 years ago.

In the letter, he professes that he regrets not focusing on her and their life and that he takes the little green note on which she wrote "Never let go" with him everywhere he goes.

He admits that he has done many things wrong in their relationship, but that he has never stopped loving her and freely gives her his soul to take with her if she wishes to.

Even if MEGAN, the recipient, thinks that RAUL, the writer, is a complete loser, she has to admit that it warms her heart just a little that a man is so willing to profess his love for her in such a grandiose fashion.

After all, this seems to be what all women long for. And now MEGAN has received RAUL's confession of undying love. Stay tuned for what she does with this information.

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