Woman Changes Able Man Diapers

Woman Changes Able Man Diapers Cover
JANET SHULTE, a woman residing in Melbourne, Florida was hired by a "disabled" man to take care of him by feeding him and changing his diapers for 3 months. Unfortunately, because he missed a payment, she came to realize that he was not disabled at all, he just enjoyed being treated like an infant.

Infantilism involves a phycho-sexual attraction to diapers, and sometimes includes fantasies of a return to infancy, and that's exactly what this man craved. But JANET SCHULTE was not happy to discover that she was bottle feeding and changing an otherwise capable man. But then, he was paying her $600 a week.

But when he missed a payment, JANET SHULTE tried to contact the "adult brother" of the disabled man and slowly came to the realization that they were one and the same.

And while JANET SHULTE is hella pissed and wants this man arrested, police can't do anything about it because, technically, he did not commit any crime.

I don't get it; he was paying her well and she was taking care of him. So why is she so angry? Does she feel like she was taken advantage of?

There are women who would love nothing more than to have a grown man act like a helpless child so they can take care of them. JANET SHULTE, however, was already married.

Also, why the hell do people investigate a situation after the fact and not before? She got this job off Craigslist for God's sakes.

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