Nagging Is Illegal In France

Nagging Is Illegal In France Image
It seems that the French, namely NICOLAS SARKOZY, are planning to put forth a bill that would make "psychological violence" between married or cohabitating couples a crime.

But what is psychological violence anyway? According to legislation, it would appear that everything from nagging and false accusations of infidelity to verbal abuse count as such.

But is it really fair for the government to get involved in matters that are so personal and so subjective from one couple to the next? One couple's verbal abuse is another couple's foreplay, after all.

Not to mention that there's usually three versions to every story: his version, her version and the truth. So who do you believe in matters of "psychological violence"?

While I agree that there are some instances where psychological violence is just as harmful as physical violence, it is not something that you can store neatly under a black and white bill.

Personally, I think that although they're trying to do a noble service in this situation, all it will end up doing is bring the freaks out.

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