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Women are emotional; men are logical. Women talk with friends; men want to be alone. Women can do three things at the same time; men can only focus to one. These are just some of the many differences men and women have. The proper way to address these differences is not through an argument but through understanding and acceptance. This article hopes to let women know the insides of men's brain in order to understand men and discover how men think.

MEN CRY TOO JUST LIKE YOU.Yes, women are more prone to crying but men also cry at times. Understand men are also humans that get hurt and get sad. Crying is not a sign of weakness but instead, of being strong to face struggles in life. If you're sad and lonely and you feel you can't bear it alone, it is alright to cry, that's how men think.

MEN WANT ONLY THE BEST FOR THEIR LOVED ONES. Understand men are success oriented. They tend to stay long hours in the office because they want the best, not only for themselves but for their families as well. How men think is that they have to work well to earn well to provide well. This is why men sometimes disappear from a family reunion or go home late at night.

NIGHT OUT AND DATE WITH FRIENDS. Weekend night outs are important to men just as water is important to a fish. Understand men are also social beings that need to go out of the shell once in a while. Night out may mean dinner at a friend's house or camping in the woods. To whenever their night outs will be, make sure you give time and space to your man to hang out with his colleagues. A space and time to grow is needed, that's one way how men think.

MEN DO NOT FORGET DATES. You might object but it is true. Men, most of the time, don't forget important dates like anniversaries and birthdays. Understand men are workaholic at times; they tend to stay longer in their office to provide a better life to their families. These make them give 'I forgot' as an alibi when in fact they are just too shy to admit that they weren't able to buy gifts because of the too many work in the office. It is quite funny but that is how men think.

MEN ARE KIDS TOO. Understand men have also experienced being a kid and that experience never eludes them. Men have sparkle on their faces when their child or nephew buys a toy they liked since childhood. How men think is that to never lose your child sense of wonder. They like to be amazed and surprised.

Now that these facts about men have been revealed, it is expected that women understand men as a person who also needs to be pampered. Realize that your man can't give you everything you need and also, you cannot give to your man everything that he needs. That is why it is essential to give generous amount of time to each other to grow and mature. How men think is different than how women think, so be ready to extend your patience and understanding when you want to keep the relationship alive.

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