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When my boyfriend and I first met, he was wonderful - respectful, thoughtful, charismatic... now, though, it seems that things have changes and he's become more like a woman.

He cries if he feels like I'm being "cold" or "distant" and he has tantrums if I come home late from work. I find myself comforting him and trying to convince him that I love him very much on a daily basis.

What the hell is happening here? Why is my boyfriend suddenly a girlfriend? Why is he constantly seeking my approval and acting so needy?

We've been together for 6 months and he recently lost his really high-paying job. And yes, I make more money than he does, but I always have, so that can't be it. Can it?

Have I really become the man in my relationship?


It sounds to me like even if he knew you were the one making more dough, he didn't realize how it was really going to affect him. I'm sory to say it, but there's a good chance your boyfriend has lost his backbone and he's not going to find it again with you.

I don't know many women who enjoy being in a situation with a boyfriend who constantly needs reassurance, so I'm guessing you're at your wit's end by now.

By the way, I wouldn't say that he's become "more like a woman" because I don't know many women who constantly need reassurance about their man's love.

Rather, let's just say he's become more sensitive and you just can't deal. And I completely understand. So tell him it's over, and tell him why, and find yourself a guy who doesn't need so much babysitting.



I've tried OKCupid with no luck and I've even tried PlentyOfFish to no avail. I even had dating profile experts tweak my profile to ensure that I get responses, with nothing.

So what the hell do I do? I'm 26, 6'1, successful and smart, but I just can't get a woman to check out my profile. What's up with that?


First off, OKCupid and PlentyOfFish are not the be all end all of dating sites. There are other dating sites, albeit not free, for men out there.

Have you ever tried going to a pay site? Maybe you'll end up having more luck there. is really popular with women so it opens up a world of options for men. Also, they have an instant chat option, so you can immediately speak with a woman you find interesting if she's online as well.

Give it a shot.


Suggested free e-books to read:

Cr James - Friends
Joseph Matthews - The Boyfriend Is Not An Obstacle
Martha Kempner - Body Image And Self Esteem

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