Book Review The Perils Of Cyber Dating

Book Review The Perils Of Cyber Dating Cover

Julie Spiras The Perils of Cyber Dating By Julie Spira

Online dating has become the norm for many people seeking a soul mate. With full-time jobs and the like, it's hard to devote every weekend to finding the perfect person. That's why JULIE SPIRA wrote" Perils of Cyber "The book is so interesting you'll probably read" Perils of Cyber-"in one day. From the second I picked it up, I knew it was going to be an interesting read. I was sucked in right away - JULIE SPIRA has a way of describing her experiences that makes the reader feel like they were there with her, experiencing her feelings. You'll laugh at times and open your mouth in amazement at others.

Although JULIE SPIRA offers up a real-life guide to help others who want to get their feet wet in online dating via stories that might send others running in the other direction, her objective is to help readers hone their skills on the World Wide Web and come out unscathed.

Having experienced over 250 dates in almost 15 years, some marriage proposals and a divorce to boot, JULIE SPIRA takes readers on her journey, which started in the mid '90s.

From The Investment Banker to the Plastic Surgeon, JULIE SPIRA allows us to be that fly on the wall as she vividly describes her dating experiences. But that

is not all Julie Spira does; she also provides us with her "Rules of Netiquette."

Some of the Netiquette rules include:

THE GOOGLE RULE - Don't tell your date that you did a Google search before the first date - She was Googled by a date and learned more about herself than she even knew.

THE BODY PARTS RULE - Don't discuss body parts - one date went into great detail about a colonoscopy that he had while they were eating lunch.

So if you're a single looking for love online without much success, use JULIE SPIRA's" Perils of Cyber "as your guide to get over some of your worse dates and to look at online dating as an adventure, rather than yet another chore.

Highly recommended for both men and women.

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