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"Your Profile Is The Window To Your Soul PART 1"

That's right I said it - MAY SOUND CLECHE' but neverthless it's true. Your profile is the window, and how you write your online dating member profile will determine how much of the curtains or blinds are pulled. You can decide to stay distant and cold, but WHAT'S THE POINT of being a member of a dating site at that point? On the other hand, if you are too direct, and you decide to share your ideals, principles, lessons, cultural impressions, political views, sense of humor, intellect, sarcasm, and and overall view of the entire universe. You will likely make everyone believe you are TOO GOOD FOR ANYONE. There has to be balance, period.

There is no bigger challenge on a dating member site, than staring at your keyboard, while trying to think about HOW TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF to the entire world. You are literally trying to explain why you are worthy of an eyebrow to raise, a smile to form, and emails to be written to you. At the same time, you are attempting to explain what TYPE OF PERSON YOU DESIRE. I'm going to offer some tips on this for you.

Imagine yourself, MEETING SOMEONE for the first time. Make the setting in your mind, somewhere comfortable for you. Now think about what you would say, to HELP THAT NEW PERSON, understand what kind of person you are right now in your life. This is the only way to write your online dating member profile.

Make sure it doesn't sound like a checklist, resume, or business merger proposal. It needs to COME FROM YOUR HEART first and your mind second. Keep the tone "matter-of-fact" but don't get boring and snooty.

You don't want to lose most of your potential dates, while they are reading your profile. It's much like the old DEPARTMENT STORE WINDOW advertisements. If they don't grab attention and make people want to open the door and walk-in. Then, it means they have LOOKED AWAY and plan to walk on down the street, to look in another window.

This will take some work. You will need some editing, it's not going to be easy. However, just remember HUMOR IS THE KEY to standing out. It's an opportunity for you to flirt, sound relaxed, and tell the world where you are coming from.

TO BE CONTINUED - More on this article, later today

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