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Remember the carefree time in our lives when people referred to the Internet as the "information super highway". Since we had the Internet in our lives, flying cars were just around the corner, am I right? Well, far from initial expectations, porn became the number one commodity of the Internet, along with captioning pictures of cats.

As the internet moves closer and closer to providing us with information in 'real time', there are certain easy thing you can do to stay on top of what's going on out there.

Google (of course) has created a branch of their search engine, which follows the most searched for topics of any given day:

There is a search engine embedded within Google Trends that allows you to search topically on any trend you want. Let's say I type in "dating". I am automatically linked to the newest news stories and most frequently viewed sites on dating. Now you're starting to see how this can be useful right?

Most sites have formed their own version of this, with YouTube and Twitter having similar trend options available.

So whether you plan on using trending technology to help you find what dating sites are hot right now, or what Oprah wore yesterday, I wish you all a happy trending!

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