Do You Google Your Dates

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In this day and age of advanced technology, everybody and their aunt can be found on Google if you search hard enough. But what have we become when we begin to Google the guy from the 5th floor who asked us out, or that sexy girl who works at the bar down the street?

I admit that I have Googled everyone from myself to employers and even lawyers I plan on hiring, all in a bid to protect myself. But have we lost our minds with this obsession of Googling people? Is there no end to this?

It's bad enough that we're all on Facebook spilling our guts to people we spoke to once in grade 4; now we're busy trying to find the dirt on any and everyone we plan on dating.

There are some people out there who look great on paper but are complete losers in person and vice versa, so how fair is it to judge a date based on what you may have found out on Google?

So is it a good idea to Google someone before you get to know them? Isn't finding things out about someone face-to-face the best way to go? Probably not if they're psychotic. Hmm

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