Dan Bacon - Attraction 101 (165.0 Kb)

Dan Bacon - Attraction 101 Cover Attraction 101: What Every Guy Needs to Know About Naturally Attracting Women & Maintaining Their Interest

Think of this as your personal checklist to use in your interactions and relationships with women.

Follow this guide and you will be able to spark and maintain the attraction & interest of the women you really want.

I've even gone as far as including:

* My most potent and 'attractive' conversation starters that get women laughing like crazy and not wanting me to leave.

* Exactly what I say and do when interacting with women to spark strong & lasting attraction.

* The one thing I started doing in interactions that increased the amount of women in my life, ten fold. This 'alpha-male approach to women' is so good that just doing it by itself, will have most women wanting to be your girlfriend...no kidding.

* Why interacting with women at bars is different than in bookstores and supermarkets. Here I explain the approach you need to take in each environment in order to succeed.

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