Anthony Berger - Advanced Macking Audios.mp3 (17.9 MB)

Anthony Berger - Advanced Macking Audios.mp3 Cover If you would like to be regularly meeting and dating new women, this book is for you.

Designed for the non-player, it sets out one simple strategy and several tactics to catalyse your love life.

Advanced Macking contains hundreds of tips and tricks for every occasion, from how to make them excited while talking to you, to how to make them ask you to over to their place.

While other dating books concetrate on asking for numbers, setting a date, flowers etc, AM sticks to the fun part of being single.

You know how nervous we feel when we are about to call some chick we like for the first time? You know how you don't know what to say, how you get butterflies in your stomach and how your voice breaks up? Women go through this also but then realize that they don' t have to do it. Why should they be persuading some guy to come out? That's the guy's job. Furthermore, what if you reject them? How will that make them feel? Anthony Berger's Seduction techniques are designed to make one night stands happen. It covers everything you need to know to make one-night stands happen with both new women as well as women you know (co-workers, classmates, lady-friends etc).

I grew up with sisters, consider myself a feminist and your guide matches my own experience with seducing urban women." -- Andrew - Aug 2003

"I would have to say that Advanced Macking would be my recommendation to guys with or without confidence... " -- Dr. R, columnist for SAM magazine, Australia May 2002

"This is the most straight forward "let's-get-it-on" guide I've seen. No psychobabble, no spinning lines..." -- Erika Lawal, Apr 2003


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